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Alea 1

Alea ( Atmospheric dust)

As an attempt to redefine forms and definitions of time, I approach aleatoriety as something unpredictable that has no specific order or path, yet it determines how the reality we live in is configured. To this end, I delve into the study of wind – a phenomenon essentially random– and dandelion – a plant whose anatomy is made to depend on wind–.

Taking as central reference the GPS position of the Contemporary Art Center in Quito (-0.211523, -78.507182), satellite measurements are used to extract the shape of the wind of the past (March 1st, 2022), and to speculate what the future wind will look like (March 1st, 2023).

The union of thousands of particles suspended in the air allows us to contemplate bodies and temporal weaves that coexist with us habitually, and that despite their decisive influence, go unnoticed. Making visible the invisible makes us rethink the world from the voice and essence of other forms of existence. It reveals the potency that resides in the particle, the fragile.




1,90 x 80 cm approx.

Dandelion seed on Past wind and Future wind

Contemporary Art Center of Quito

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