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Alea (Garden)

Through the movement of particles and the constant force on rocks or other surfaces, the wind can modify the landscape. Garden is an art project that explores how air currents reinvent and influence the ecosystem we inhabit. 

In this context, it is sought  to visualise the action of aleatoriety on the landscape. For this, satellite measurements are used to extract the shape of the wind and sculpt it on a large scale on the hillside located on the backside of the Contemporary Art Center of Quito. Dandelion seeds (Taraxacum officinale) are then sown within this contained form so that the plant and the wind can break through these limits over  time. In this way, a living body that has multiple moments is formed. For as the wind naturally disperse the seeds, the direction of growth of dandelions will reveal  which way the wind has been blowing.

Garden is contemplated as a meditation or a riddle that sets from the intentional impossibility of containing the uncontainable. It delves into the logic of two times that flow from characteristics that we tend to ignore: entropy and uncertainty.

Land art installation

Wind-shaped dandelion garden

7,50 x 14,80 m

Contemporary Art Center of Quito

2022 - ∞

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