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Alea (Diario de viento), arte contemporaneo, instalación, dibujo, diente de leon, dandelion

Alea (Wind Diary)

In an attempt to redefine the forms and definitions of time, I approach the concept of randomness as something unpredictable with no specific order or direction, yet determining how the reality we live in is configured. To this end, I focus on the study of the wind, an essentially random phenomenon, and the dandelion or Taraxacum Officinale, a plant whose life cycle depends on the wind.

In this way, wind patterns are drawn in real-time over 12 days, with the intention of unravelling the form and nature of the random from a contemplative and patient bodily act. This project takes the process as an integral part of the work: The exhibition begins with the days completely empty. As it progresses, a Diary is created, which can be visualised through  the dandelion, a being of the wind. For the extraction of meteorological data, the GPS location of the Contemporary Art Center, where the exhibition took place (-0.211523, -78.507182), is taken as the central point. The drawing of the wind had the duration of each day as the limit of the action.


This temporal body confronts us with nothingness, the fragment and the whole, opening up multiple possibilities of vision and interpretation, and placing change as the primordial axis. It aims to spatialise time and break the narrative—although it starts from it—by making days and layers evident.


The contemplation of the particle and the work on the fragile become a
portal or strategy for imagining the invisible and intuiting something greater.

Installation, Performance


12 x 7m approx.

Dandelion seed on 12 wind-sensitive days

Contemporary Art Center of Quito

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