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New Memories of
La Loma

La Loma Grande neighborhood, being an essential part of the Historic Center of Quito, is directly influenced by the exploitation of the heritage-historical image that has exploited for years, since the declaration of the center as Cultural Heritage of the humanity.


From the innermost circles of the neighborhood, the study of current youth dynamics and the transformations of the neighborhood as a result of it has been neglected. Today, there is a marked attention to traditional memory we have been taught to value, rescue and conserve with force, to take care of the heritage image of the city.


It is intended to reconsider and reflect on the positioning of the traditional and patrimonial vision that directs attention to certain places and memories, displacing in importance the changes that have been taking place over the years.


In order to highlight and socialize these neighborhood problems, postcards of the neighborhood have been prepared, based on the data collected in interviews.

The spaces of appropriation of the young people are highlighted through color. The postcards have 10 colors, one per sector. The objective was to visually translate which are the places of appropriation of young people according to their sector, and to convert color as a visual indicator of the dynamics of young people in the neighborhood.

Community art project

La Loma Grande neighborhood, Quito

Postcards 16x11 cm

Woodcut and china collé


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