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How to Save Time (Hours Diary)

Through an act of discipline and patience, I created the habit of writing a diary that collected all my thoughts and feelings from every hour of the day. Then, each of these thoughts is encapsulated in water gel beads, forming fragile beings that refer to the very transience of the feelings and memories they contain. Those thoughts that do not translate into words, or that happened in moments of sleep, are intervened with blue thread.

This process shows a parallelism between two times: the conventional linear time that is counted through hours, days, months; and the subjective time, which reveals an as yet undiscovered changing shape and rhythm.

The diary was created from 18 June to 31 December, 2018 (196 days, 4705 hours). The union of all these beings creates a kind of floating ecosystem, where all parts coexist and flow without taking a specific form, contemplating their eventual dissolution.


Water, 4705 feelings/ hours/ waterbeads.

Variable dimensions


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