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My work focuses on multitemporality or heterochrony, emphasizing its rhythms and diverse forms, paradoxes, breaks, synchronicities, and tensions that are revealed in the fluctuation between the macro and the micro, order and chance, the visible and the invisible. Through this approach, I seek to challenge and transcend normative spatio-temporal limits, highlighting multiplicity as a strategy for appropriating time. I believe that time is not an alien and empty dimension, but rather a series of converging spaces that we are, inhabit and create.

Acts of patience, contemplation, and the generation of living environments with non-human beings and times, are ways in which I identify and create temporal dimensions that do not fit the prevailing linear narrative. In this process, I invoke the spirit of fragility and ephemerality as strength.


I frequently engage with various types of matter and energy, exploring their poetic and symbolic potential. Additionally, I maintain long-term processes and methodologies, which allow me to articulate bodies and temporal beings that reimagine the conception of time-space and its materialization.

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